Do you have clear, easy to see numbers on your home to identify your address in an emergency?

When you are in distress and our first responders need to ask questions, you may be frustrated and scared for yourself or a family member, feeling we are wasting time. Rest assured that emergency services are headed towards you. But sometimes what you feel is simple to find may be because you are more familiar with your neighborhood and surroundings then we are. Sometimes the emergency is not visible from the outside of the building, especially medical emergencies and you may not be able to come out and flag us down.

The Wells Code ยง201-4 requires that all buildings be numbered. This is so that in an emergency Fire, Police, Ambulance, or another emergency services can find you. The Code Enforcement Office is required to insure your house/property is visible numbered from the street.

The Code requires that the numbers be displayed near or upon the front door and be clearly visible from the road. All numbers shall be in Arabic letters no less than 3 inches in height and a minimum of a half inch stroke and shall contrast in color with the building or background to which they are attached.

Houses or buildings that are set back and not visible from the road shall post a sign at the driveway entrance upon which shall be affixed the specific numbers in accordance with the numbering policy.

Please contact us or the Town Codes Office if you have any questions or would like our expertise as to where it would be best to affix the number identifying your property if your house number cannot be seen from the street.